Things We Could Use

wedding_giftWe try our best not to be greedy people, but we understand that when people go to weddings they like to get gifts for the folks getting hitched.

Since we recently moved into a lovely, new-to-us home that just happens to be about 150 years old or so there are lots of things to get done. We’ve been doing a number of things ourselves: painting, gardening, repairs. There’s such satisfaction in seeing your hard work turn your house into a beautiful and personal work of art. Since we’re more mature adults (although that is questioned at times!) we already have a number of things that people need on a daily basis: dishes, flatware, a vacuum, sheets and towels, our registry is mostly a reflection of what we could use to help us improve our home and make living in it even more lovely.

Thank you for thinking of giving a gift.

While we are registered at the following places we will gladly accept gift certificates in any denomination. So if you’re wondering what you can contribute but don’t have a  lot of scratch this is probably a great idea for you! Here are some places that we would use certificates:

  • Safeway (don’t laugh!)
  • Ace Hardware
  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • Macy’s

And here are the places where we are registered. The links will guide you to where you need to go. A word to those shopping – if you can find what we have listed in our registries at a local store or shop please go there instead. I really try to support local businesses as much as possible and would love it if you did too:

  1. Target  (or you can go to and look under our names or email addresses) click here for the registry
  2. Macy’s (can also go to and look up registries) click here
  3. Amazon: click here

Let me know if you have any troubles! And again, thank you….


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