This seems to be a word that my keyboard chooses to utter every time I put together an email to anyone. I never thought that I’d be channeling ‘Cathy’ at any point in my life, but here I am.


It’s been hard to keep up with the posts with our schedule getting tighter and tighter. I can’t thank you all enough for responding to the posts I do have up and for being so great with me if I’ve emailed you.

So, here’s where we are right now… the dress just needs a couple of finishing touches, we’ve been doing initial decorating planning (figuring out where chairs and tables go, getting a list together of what else to go and get, etc.), the cake is going to be made by a saint, Ian’s all set with what he’s wearing, the folks (Ian’s) came in last night after a cross-country journey by car, the house is virtually spotless and the weather is supposed to be ridiculously hot on Saturday…. of course.

I can feel the knots in my belly and back start to loosen just a bit. I think once the dress was finished and all the invites were out and about that I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. My poor sister keeps trying to get me to delegate, delagate, delagate but there’s only so much that other people can do for you. She’s sweet to worry. I think she realizes now that weddings are just naturally stressful. There are a lot of people to think about, there’s food, music, what to wear, etc., etc. and it juts gets out of control in your head. I can’t imagine having started this process months (or even years!) ago and dealing with what a lot of weddings contain that we don’t have. There won’t be a space to rent for the wedding or the reception, there won’t be tables to rent, a band to hire and don’t even get me started on what women can spend on their wedding dress alone! Going into debt didn’t seem like a good idea for us to start off our married life together…. and it’s just not our style, anyway.

I’ll continue to do this at the reception and in our thank you notes, but I really really can’t thank you all enough for contributing your talents to making this a wonderful celebration of how much Ian and I love each other. Our neighbors have been offering us tables and chairs and bringing us coolers and x-mas lights. Friends have helped clean up the yard and offered to decorate. The cake is being made by a friend’s mother who isn’t expecting anything for it, though that does not fly with us! (You will be thanked. Consider yourself warned!)

(If you’re feeling left out of the picture there are still plenty of spots where we could use someone to manage things like food, the fishing booth and such. But I don’t think that’ll be much aof a problem….)

I can’t wait until all the prep is over and we can really enjoy ourselves and our friends and family. We’re getting there…. and a new kind of nervous is setting in….

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