Lovely party

Main Entry: 1show·er
Pronunciation: \ˈshau(-ə)r\
Function: noun
1 a: a fall of rain of short duration b: a similar fall of sleet, hail, or snow
3: a party given by friends who bring gifts often of a particular kind <a bridal shower>
2: to give in abundance <showered her with honors>

Baby shower… bridal shower….. shower shower…. except for the last one I’d never had a “shower” before. What a strange and wonderful, wonderful thing.

My sister, Mara, good friend, Des, and multiple cohorts managed to completely surround me with love yesterday. Mara (the sis) planned and delegated in secrecy, at least from me, so much so that I didn’t even know what time the party began until the 11th hour. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a bit of a slave to surprises! (Good surprises, mind you.)

I had friends visit from out of town as well as local folk. It was a mixed crowd, too! I really see no point to keeping the bride’s celebration and preparations restricted to just the female branch of my social life. Most of my oldest and closest friends are male.

Where's my plate!?!

Where's my plate!?!

There was food of all kinds: fruit, veg, cucumber sandwiches with a secret ingredient that made them perfect tea finger sandwiches, cake (with and without nuts, of course!), crackers and cheese that were cut into little dogs, hearts and duckies, all kinds of things to drink including some fresh mojitos, some pickled asparagus (which disappeared immediately), carrots and salami, devine deviled eggs, Lindt chocolates and an unusual and delicious potato salad. Everything looked so photo ready and beautiful that no one was picking up a spoon or plate! A perfect assortment that left me feeling pleasantly satiated and refreshed.

Cheese anyone?

Cheese anyone?

After getting plates and noshing a bit we moved on to bridal bingo. Mary had put together these fantastic little bingo cards with boxes that said things like: bride, groom, Mimi, Ian, lips, nightie, frying pan (my favorite because I’m thinking of some sort of cartoon where someone gets hit on the head, of course!), apron, honeymoon, etc. Prizes were given out and thanks to Joan playing an extra card for me and filling a line immediately I managed to get some PB M&Ms. Des also shared in her prize by giving me a Jell-O cookbook with some…uh… scrumptious looking treats from the 70s. Shrimp and Jell-O anyone?

We had the traditional ‘make-the-wedding-dress-out-of-toilet-paper’ good time where I edned up looking like a cross between the bride of Frankenstein, a 20s flapper girl and a mummy. If only it would have lasted and not disintegrated as the party went on…

Presents were doled out with a theme: vintage lingerie. I LOVED it! Perfect perfect…. My collection has doubled with some delightful items like an amazingly soft house jacket, a demure and feminine black nightie, some lovely slips, a peach cami, a handkerchief as well as a homemade tote for all my loot, some original Lucy Valderhaug earrings (from the woman herself) and an unusual Vera tube neck scarf. One of my ‘mixed’ guests, whom I’ve known since 1st grade or so, decided that I might do better finding something on my own than by him doing the shopping and graciously offered a bit o’ scratch. D., if it’s ok with you I’m planning on putting that toward my wedding day sandals… Well, unless I find a nice saucy piece of vintage that I must have.

I have to say I was sorry when it was over. I had a perfectly lovely time. It felt strange being the center of attention like that but it was wonderfully nice to have so many good and old friends around that had nothing but love (and some lingerie) to give. Their well wishes have made me feel swaddled in a true energy to be happy. All the hugs, all the smiles, all the private words that say you deserve every good thing that is happening right now… I’m a bit overwhelmed by it.

Thank you so much for the party. Thank you for any kinds words or wishes you’ve said or thought or written down. This is turning into exactly what we wanted – a celebration of love, a coming together of friends and family, a declaration of commitment. It’s hard to not feel like I’m just floating on it all right now. Thank you.

One response to “Lovely party

  1. what a lovely entry Meems, just loverly. Kudos do go to your sis Mara, she did a wonderful job. I have some lovely tp bridal gown photos, I’ll have to get those off to you!

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