Father’s Day

My father used to live two blocks from us before we moved. Actually, less than that if you looked at the size of those blocks. Sometimes he’d walk over, sometimes we’d walk over. It was sweet and quaint. While we only moved 6 blocks away it feels farther, which is silly, but it does. Now we try to have my father over for dinner on a semi-regular basis. Because we don’t fool around when we have folks over it can be over whelming – gastronomically speaking!

Last night was no exception.

Happy Father's Day to US!

Happy Father's Day to US!

I got Ian a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated online and it was the best money I may have ever spent. Since then we’ve been eating like kings even though money’s tight. Last night Ian made chicken cutlets in a porcini mushroom sauce , mashed potatoes with root vegetables and fresh herbs (from our garden) and the most perfect salad dressing for our meager little salad. For dessert I managed to make an adorable cherry pie. Maybe too adorable since we couldn’t wait for it to cool and ended up with cherry cobbler on our plates. It still tasted wonderful… all of it.

cherry pie preview

cherry pie preview

cherry pie finale!

cherry pie finale!

We had a lovely meal, wonderful conversation about old cars and I’m happy to say that when a visitor came to join us my father was happy to see him. My father… liking a cat?!?! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it.

The man who came to dinner... all the time! Ollie's the perpetual guest.

The man who came to dinner... every time!

Everything went beautifully. I can’t wait until Ian’s folks get here so they can experience what an amazing chef he has become. I have a feeling that it’ll knock their socks off! I live with him, I’m getting married to him and it still does that to me. What’s that they say about gaining weight after you get married… sheesh. Let’s hope I can wait that long!

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