uh….Happy Birthday!

My birthday was on a Thursday this year. Not a big party day to hang out with friends so Ian and I decided to go and grab a quiet bite to eat at a local pub, Bob’s Keg & Cork. 

Great little hole in the wall

Great little hole in the wall

We found a table near the window that looked out at the pub where we first met and onto the newly repaved street (in brick, mind you). (More details will be found on our “backstory” page.) We reminisced about a time when we were at Bob’s with our friends and the power went out. It was fun and a little exciting.

After having normal converstation, ordering and starting to eat Ian said something to the effect of “I’m going to ask you something that I know you would never have expected me to say since I’ve been so set against it…” Silly me. I had no clue about what he was going to say…. “What would you think about us getting married?”


We had both talked and talked about how getting married wasn’t something that we needed or even wanted. We already lived together in sin, had a joint banking account and had seen good and bad times… thankfully, mostly good and the bad were mostly because of my health. People still envy us for being such a sweet pair. We’ve know each other for 6 years and have been together as sweethearts almost as long. Good grief, we have cats together!

In the split second after the question and pulling my stomach down from the ceiling I calmly (not really that calm) said, “Well, I think we’d have to work a couple of things out first…” See that’s the logical side of my personality. Sometimes it comes in real handy, other times… most times it just drags me down. Still, I think that the impulsive side of me was oozing out of all my pores screaming “woooo-hoooo!”

I surprised myself with that reaction. I was still caught up with the “but I thought we weren’t going to do that” thought. I also… maybe… just a little… had been hoping for a bit of on-one-knee action, even though that’s not really our style.

“I was just thinking that since my parents are coming out this summer and all…”

“WAIT! You want to get married THIS summer?!? Wha… uh… so are you proposing?”

*sheepish grin. look to the side.*

“Yes, I guess I am.”

And so, there it was, on the table.

Even though I wanted to talk about marriage details and see a counselor and talk to my sister my gut reaction was yes. I knew I would say yes. He knew that I would say yes. It was silly to think otherwise, but I wasn’t going to be won so easily! (Yes, I am stubborn, if you must know, and like to play hard to get!) We had to satisfy my logical side with all those things otherwise I’d never get any sleep.

That said, we already started talking about details: small backyard wedding, big potluck, handmade dress, linen suit…. And the words that came pouring out of Ian’s mouth were some of the most beautiful that I’ve ever heard. I knew that my guts had the right idea.

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