5.00 am

5.00 am blog 2

Cozy nook to write in

Can’t sleep… Too much to do and not enough time! For some reason I woke up around 2 or so and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now it’s after 5 and the sun is just about ready to pop over the horizon and into my eyes. Birds are chirping. I can hear a little bit of early morning traffic. Ian should be up in just a bit to head out to a job looking for artifacts and playing Indiana Jones. I’ll probably go back to sleep once the sun is really up… before I have to go to work too.

So the wedding is soon!! We still have to get Ian’s suit, I have to make my dress, we have to plan and coordinate and create and mail and and and…. I’m enjoying it. It’s kind of crazy but I think we’ll have lots of fun at the ceremony and potluck. I figure that since we haven’t had time to think and think about the whole thing that it’s going to have less heavy stress involved. We will do what we can for our little, thrown-together, laid back and inexpensive wedding and if it’s not perfect… Well, I have a feeling it’ll be perfect as long as Ian and I are together with loved ones. (awwww…)

I’m gonna be a wife…. So very weird!

Here comes....

Here comes....





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